Criminal Defense Investigators

Criminal Defense Investigators

We deliver robust criminal defense investigative services.

Often times we are asked how can I get the process started?

Answer: You go over the details of your case, we develop and investigative outline with recommendations and suggestions on how we will proceed to achieve your expectations.

What are the most common criminal defense investigative services attorneys and law firms request?

Answer: Identify or find evidence that will exonerate the Client, locate uncooperative witnesses, obtain recorded statements and more...

The next question that is frequently asked, how much do you charge?

Our pricing is based on multiple factors such as the complexity of your case, number of Investigators and or Analysts needed to work on your case, turnaround time, location(s), how many witnesses need to be located and interviewed. 

As you explore and check out investigative companies, you will find that our rates are competitive and reasonable to acquire a highly experienced, trained, innovative Investigative and Security company such as ours.