Missing Person

Missing Person

If you have a child, adult family member or other loved one that is missing or a runaway, contact your local law enforcement agency and make a police or sheriff department "Missing Persons" report as the initial step in the process to find them.

Law enforcement officers will ask you what are the circumstances, who was the last person to see them and where? 

When they left or disappeared, what did they take with them? i.e., car, truck, wallet, money, ATM card, debit.credit cards, jewelry, purse, cell phone, laptop, suitcase/luggage

In most cases, law enforcement offficers will tell you they cannot do anything until the person has been missing for 24 hours or so unless you have information that "foul play" is suspected or occurred. i.e., they were in an abusive relationship, you have security camera video footage of an abduction, they sent you an e-mail or text message they were in trouble or other factors

Without exigent circumstances, law enforcement officers will typically forward the initial police/sheriff report to an Invesigator or Detective within three (3) days to follow-up and call you on the phone or visit you in person.

Clients sometimes contact us when they believe law enforcement is not taking their concerns seriously or taking the case as a priority.

If you decide to retain us, we will sign you up on an Engagement Agreement, acquire a copy of the intial police or sheriff's incident report, interview you, interivew the last person to see the Missing Person to learn what were the circumstances, conduct investigative research on what was the missing person doing 24 hours before they disappeared, liason with local law enforcement and consider and assess areas where the missing person may be located, develop intelligence information, utilize and develop confidential and non-confidential sources of information and if necessary we will dispatch our quick reaction Surveillance team.

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